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Image by Daniel Spase

this is My Story


at 18 I moved across the country to attend university

however fun it was meant to be, it never felt right

surrounded by new faces, I didn't feel I fit in

flooded with new opportunities, nothing felt like me

although it wasn't my best times, I did have a few key moments

and it made me the eco warrior I am today

afterwards I knew I had to travel and see the world

so I bought a ticket to Bali, alone

the experience was liberating

and exploring the depths of the ocean were mesmerising

but it still wasn't the right fit for me


when I returned home I save up for a bigger trip

to the other side of the world; New Zealand

a place not dissimilar to the surroundings I've always know

but with much grander scenery

here I found more than I could have asked for

but I still felt a I was missing something

whilst over there I took a campervan around both islands with my family

my eyes were opened to what travelling with your home could be

to have all the opportunities and hobbies come with you

to take your time and enjoy the little bits

to be constantly challenged and live free

Isle Of Skye
Botanical Boheme.jpg

once home I set out to start my own creative business

that worked in harmony with nature

giving me a means to travel full time

to connect with like minded individuals

adding purpose and passion that will drive me each day

then the pandemic hit forcing me to stay put

this gave me the opportunity to save

and convert my very own dream home

however during this time I lost an old friend

though I gained two new buddies


whilst on my build journey

I started to discover the reasons I wasn't like the other kids

why I always felt different and never quite found my feet

I was a neurodivergent (ADHD)

which doesn't define me

but makes me who I am

and finally gave me an understanding of myself

I knew more than ever that I had to build a space just for me

somewhere I could be whomever I wanted to be

whatever I needed to be

a safe space for all my neurodivergent sides

but a place that also challenged me

that excited me

that motivate me


but what started as a simple adventure wagon

turned into a full blown multifunctional uk apartment

which turned my quick 1 year project into a multiple year mission

especially as I'm a major overthinking perfectionist

who designed and engineered a rather extravagant camper

which on my own, with a no experience, workshop or tools

and battling a 27 year undiagnosed brain disorder

turned out to be a pretty hard feet to tackle

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