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Image by Jack Anstey
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van build

in November 2021 I bought a van to self convert and travel the world in

watch how I turned this empty metal box into a travelling haven

Ford Transit 

The Van

Ford Transit

I went for a 2014 Ford Transit panel van, with a medium wheelbase and high roof. I chose Ford for their reliability and accessible labour & parts. The medium wheelbase will provide me plenty of space to live & work, whilst still fitting comfortably into UK parking spaces. The high roof allows me to stand inside the van when cooking and working, plus the ample headroom is great for upper storage. The Ford also has straighter walls which makes a great shape for building and the wider van allows me to sleep width ways.


The Design

Colour Story


for the tone of the van I shall be going for a neutral earthy palette

brightening up the space with light sand coloured walls & counter top

then a complementary ash toned wood for the lower cabinets and flooring

adding rich earthy shades with a copper sink & lots of leafy greens

then pulling in darker tones with a matt black faucet & exposed metal features

I shall also use lots of natural textures & fibres like linen, wood & ceramics

Colour Story 1
Van Design Moodboard

The Floor


Metal Van Floor

Rust Prevention Paint

9mm Waxed Plywood Levellers

Water & Shower Drains

Diesel Exhaust

Spare Tyre Release Hatch

2x1 Treated Wood Frame

Sound Deadening

Cork Granule Insulation

12mm Waxed Plywood Base

Flexible Sealant

Garage Flooring

Walkway Flooring

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