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Sustainable Living

it's extremely important for us to respect the globe we live on. to think about the impact we're having, the waste we're creating and the harm we're doing to this planet. it is our responsibility to create a brighter future and be conscious of our consumption. so here are my top tips for living more sustainably.

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love what you own

the most sustainable option will always be the one you already own, when it comes to clothing try to rethink the clothes you have in your wardrobe and style them in new ways before buying new. For household products use up those you already have before switching to refillable plant based versions.


plant based

the most impactful decision I've ever made was the one to go plant based (vegan), no only is it much healthier for me, but it also saves the lives of thousands of animals and boycotts animal agriculture, which is devastating to our environment.

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natural resources

when choosing to buy product, natural fibres will help to protect our planet as they are renewable and biodegradable, as to not pollute our planet through production or its after life. secondhand is also a great option as this will eliminate any production emissions and the need for new resources.


a healthy home

switching to a green energy company will reduce your carbon emissions, also look at reusable products like tupperware, rechargeable batteries and renew your bulbs with LEDs.

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on the road

when travelling be sure to carry reusable items so you wont be forced to grab single use ones that will end up in landfill. also be aware of the ethicality of the places you visit, the activities your supporting and the objects you purchase.