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Hi I'm Elle
& in November 2021 I bought a van to self convert and travel the globe in
here I've been documenting my journey with the hope to inspire others to live, travel and create sustainably,
also shedding some light on the minefield that is converting a van.

Sutton On Trent

The Progress!
I post about all things sustainable living and van building. With progress updates, how to guides and posts explaining why I chose the methods and products I did. Plus stories on the raw side of building a home on wheels.

Moi & Pups

How Does One Build A Van?
Join me as I turn my 2014 ford transit van from an empty metal box into a travelling off grid haven. I have lots of ingenious ideas that I will be attempting to bring together in a video series. Breaking down each and every step I take to convert my very own tiny home on wheels


Step By Step!
See the unedited side of a solo-female van build. I show every step of the process, including all the missteps and bloopers.

Pai Canyon

Help Save The Planet!
Even the smallest act can make a huge difference and there are tonnes of ways you can help. So check out my top tips for living consciously and see what things you can implement into your daily routine to help this planet have a brighter future.

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