the meaning behind 'elleclipse'

when deciding a name for my brand i wanted something universal

something that wasn't specific to one thing

allowing my brand to evolve with me

as i explore different mediums

and expand my creativity

elleclipse is split into two words 'Elle' & 'Eclipse'



The first part is my name

I decided to do this

as this brand is a representation of me

my heart and soul

my Quirks and sustainable mindset

my dreams, passions and values all in one place



The second half is ‘Eclipse’

"An obscuring of the light from one celestial body, by the passage of another between it and the observer"

I liked this word as it describes something blocking out the light

the moon obscuring the sun

for me that meant blocking out the hate

being bold, being confident, being yourself

not letting yourself or others get you down

and so 'elleclipse' was born

I can't remember exactly when i thought of it

but I loved the concept, the way my name slips right in unnoticed

and how It's also spacey and universal

 allowing me the room to expand and grow

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copyright of elle atkins 2020

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