revamping the space

when looking at houses a conservatory wasn't really on the list

it was always a dream in our old house

to take out the back wall

and have a conservatory to chill in at summer

well now we have one

unfortunately it is way to hot in the summer

and freezing in the winter

due to having a plastic roof

but somehow i shall be tackling this issue

to create a lovely spot to hang out in and dine

this is the third renovation

first being my bedroom build. then my office transformation

i wanted to carry on documenting my work

i still hold my values

and will be aiming to do this as sustainably as possible

i shall be using upcycling objects

reusing scrap materials

and buying quality when needed



a blank canvas

the floor

a solid roof

a lick of paint

The table - reuse

the sofa - donating

lighting & plants

the blinds

chairs - d.i.y.

log tables - d.I.Y. wax & hair pin legs

fire writing

decor - thrifting



the end result


check out my youtube channel for videos of each stage

and more on how i physically built the room

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as always the first thing i did was

opened up my pinterest app

and start to create a moodboard

saving a variety of inspo pics

keeping in with the minimalist vibes of the house

simplicity is key

natural materials and earthy tones

i wanted to make the conservatory a beautiful jungle room

lots of foliage and wooden furniture

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colour palette


the space has great potential

it is 247 cm x 272 cm

a sliding glass patio door leads off from the front room

an takes up most of one of the four walls

the other three are half built up half windows

with a back door cut in the middle of one

and a clear corrugated plastic roof

so little wall space but lots of light

the colour theme is white, light wood, slate grey, and green

our main purpose for this room is to dine

a nice space to sit and eat and catch up

so a large round table is key features

going with the jungle theme

we want lots of foliage

keeping our original table

but replacing the chairs with some nice rattan ones

doing some diy fire writing and macrame for a feature wall


the conservatory like most rooms in our house

is currently being used as a junk room

filled with old furniture

a big round dinning table from our old house

with four chunky pine chairs

and a broken couch from my grandparents

plus some bikes, things to donate and the laundry

all the random crap that has no home

so i think a big declutter is to start


first step

a clean slate

now that I've cleared the space

its time to paint those manky walls

as they are half window brining in lots of light

i recon we can get away with a darker colour

since i want this to be a jungle room

and have slate dinning features

why not have slate grey walls

i had to buy some new paint as i didn't have any slate grey

when buying paint you first want a low voc

(volatile organic compounds)

for this i used ???

a sustainable paint with no voc's

eco friendly paint

is something without harmful odours, chemical, or added solvents

the things to consider are VOC level

(volatile organic compounds)

these relate to the toxic off-gassing from the paint

you want to choose paints with low to no VOC content

also look out for harmful ingredients such as ammonia or formaldehyde

some brands to consider are

earthborn's clay-paint

farrow & ball water-based paint

Eco's organic paints are water based and great for allergy sufferers

the walls are wallpapered

and a miss match of colours

starting off pink from the previous tenants

with a bunch of random swatches my sister added


the table

the main purpose of this room is to dine

a key part of sustainability is using what you already own


since we've had this large pine table for 16 odd years

and fits quite perfectly in the space being 120cm diameter

there was no reason to get rid of it and replace it with a new table


I personally love a circular table

they are much more sociable

allowing you the opportunity to chat to everyone

although it could do with a spruce up

i also absolutely hate this pvc tablecloth

however instead of removing it and chucking it in landfill

i decided to keep it since it is a very good cloth

as it stops stains from reaching the table and is easily wipeable

i just dislike the pattern so got a new wax cloth to lay on top


this i got from Etsy

a great site to source independent artists and find unique quality items

when searching for a tablecloth this leaf print just jumped out at me

its so beautiful, unique and artsy

made by naehkombinat

so i purchased enough to fit the table

then wrapped it up as one of my mums Christmas gifts

when attaching a table cloth lay the print in position

them fold down two opposite sides and staple them to the underside of the table

move 90 degrees and repeat

now the cloth isn't moving continue to fold and staple

till its nice and smooth and tightly fitted

trim underneath if desired

i also sanded the dog chew marks off the legs

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