For my shop I rework secondhand clothing with embroidery. All the clothing and materials I use are pre loved, which allows me to not contribute to the production of materials, but instead keep waste materials from going to landfill. Whilst shopping for clothing to upcycle I always choose eco-friendly materials like cotton, linen, hemp and bamboo. As although secondhand polyester keeps items from landfill, it is not breathable or high quality and sheds microplastics when washed.

I also use guttermans natural cotton thread for all my embroidery to keep the items biodegradable and so they won't shed plastics when washed.

My embroidery machine is secondhand from eBay, this allowed me to not support the production of new plastic machinery, but instead give new life to an old gem and keep it from going to landfill.

All our soaps, cleaning products, etc. Are ethically sourced, vegan, natural, sustainable and plastic free.

I decided to not print any business cards. Even though moo do some recycled cotton ones, which i feel are the most sustainable out there. I just thought that they weren't necessary and so didn't see the need to waste money or resources on them. Instead people can follow my brand on instagram, by taking a picture of my sign at a market.

I run my whole operation from the comfort of my own home. Here everything is run on solar power, thanks to octopus energy, so all the energy used to run my embroidery machine, laptop and other electronics are renewable and green. All lighting is led bulbs with an a+ energy rating.

I live in a vegan household, which does not contribute to the animal agriculture industry or support any of its unethical and unsustainable actions. This reduces the repercussions of it the industry and supports to welfare of animals and the planet.

We also have a garden with a greenhouse, producing our own seasonal veg.

Using our own kitchen waste as compost, reducing our waste.

I upcycle my scrap fabric into hair scrunchies, accessories and bags. This reduces my industry waste and also allows me to make lower cost items, reaching to a wider audience. To make these I use a pattern I made from recycled cardboard allowing me to get precision when producing.

With the super tiny bits of scrap fabric that I cannot use I collect, as when I have enough I hope to upcycle our old couch and use it as stuffing,

I sell item online, but also at markets in which i need a stall to display my items on. For this i decided to make my own as I like to be unique

and wanted to build something to fit my exact purpose. I used reclaimed materials instead of purchasing a generic piece of plastic. Check out my blog page on how I built mine sustainably.

For the tags I make myself from recycled paper, with seed in so once home you can plant them in your garden and attract lots of lovely bees. I attached these with natural hemp twine which is also compostable. For my logo I carved my own stamp out of lino and use natural ink.

I have also decided to set up a upcycle station, where customers can send me an item to embroidery or drop one off to me at a market. I shall upcycle it with one of my designs, then send it back to them

by creating an on demand system which shall reduce waste.

I shall be using a 100% plastic free packaging solution, parceling items in a no issue compostable mailer, with a compostable stickers from avery. 

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