buy secondhand

preloved items

lowering costs,

reducing waste,

and being unique.

a great eco friendly way to shop is buying secondhand,

keeping the economy circular and waste down.

buying preloved clothing, furniture or bits & bobs,

reduces waste going to landfill.

it's also cheap as chips as you can get things at a fraction of the original price

due to it being pre owned and not new.

a lot of the time people buy things new,

wear them once and then get bored of it

so donate it to a charity shop or upload it online at a reduced rate 

one mans trash is another mans treasure.

vintage clothing is the best. so well made, durable and sustainable.

I have so many funky vintage pieces I had handed down,

or have found whilst shopping.

there are a lot of vintage shops these day,

places where people have found great pieces to sell on.

this can be quite pricey, but it tends to be great quality.

companies such as 'rocket vintage' or 'we are cow'.

i find it's worth spending the little extra on individual pieces

that you will cherish and wear over and over again.

a great place to grab a bargain is a charity shop,

check you local area for them, they are everywhere these days.

not only are you keeping clothing out of landfills.

but also donating money to a good cause.

and once you're done with your item you can return it back to a charity shop.

keeping it in cycle and giving it the opportunity to find new life and not a landfill.

I am a thrift queen and have found some absolute bangers.

for barely anything.

online there are tonnes of selling platforms.

eBay & Depop are my favourite spots to source secondhand stuff.

people either selling old clothes or buying and selling vintage pieces.

these are great as you can type in exactly what your looking for.

that perfect pair of size 6 black voss dr martens you've been searching for.

I always check for items before i buy new as sometime you can find exactly what you want,

but cheaper and has only been worn once.

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