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shopelleclipse is an independent brand

with the aim to reduce harm to the planet

tackling social, ethical and environmental issues

by providing information and products

to help people lead a more harmonious lifestyle

One of our biggest concerns is the fashion industry

The second largest polluter on the planet

Which cuts corners to produce fast and cheap clothing

giving little regard to it's workers

customers or the planet

Creating low quality unoriginal 

items that last a few wears

Then are seen unfit to continue wearing

due to being out of fashion or having fallen to pieces

That item will then go on to live

the rest of it’s sad existence on a landfill

or get burned and emit harmful fumes into the atmosphere

Shopelleclipse believes in wearing what you have

and loving what you own

Buying high quality garments either second hand

or from sustainable sources

Items that will last a lifetime

not just the season

we believe in being unique

and having fun with our clothing

up-cycling garments to fit you better

and hold a special meaning

making you love them so much more

cherishing your garments for a lifetime

by adding embroidery to pre loved garment

I create something unique, fun and sustainable

thats inclusive of one and all

each design also brings to light

a devastating issue we face

and provides information and solutions

to how we can help to overcome it 

and create a brighter future for one and all


This planet is our home

we must look after it

cherish it

& do no harm


the first collection

this collection is tackling some of the issues the other inhabitants of this planet are having to endure because of our actions.


Human beings rip through this world like it is their own.

But it’s not, we are not the only ones living here,

we do not have the right to tear others from lands they’ve

inhabited for millennia and claim it as our own

stripping it for all its worth and laying it barren

Just to move on and repeat the cycle

exterminating species after species in our path

giving no regard to the future we are creating for ourselves

and what that future shall entail for us

a barren wasteland with no water as it’s polluted

no soil to grown crops because it is damaged

no natural phenomenons because they’ve been destroyed

No animals, no plants. No clear blue skies

Just big factories chuffing smoke into the atmosphere

greedy power fulled hierarchies of people. What planet is that

What life is that for our children and our children children


In the words of David Attenborough

‘we don’t inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children’


We must learn to live in harmony with this planet and all its inhabitants.

this collection brings to light different effects our action are having on the innocent animals around us

although the designs may be passive and naturalistic

the message behind them is powerful

my reasoning behind choosing to only show the animal

and not the situations in my designs

is that a t-shirt with a seal trapped in a fishing net

maybe be aggressively impacting and on point now

however in a few to ten year it might not be on topic

or exactly want you want to wear

or something you can wear everywhere

i want to create timeless pieces of clothing

that are staples in your wardrobe

and can be worn over and over again for any occasion or situation

making you cherish them and in turn waste less

it also allows people who aren't fully into activism

or wearing impacting and aggressive clothing

to still be able to wear an item with their favourite animal on it

my aim is to educate and influence positive change

through creating awareness and starting conversations

bringing to light issues we face

and helping to create a brighter future

 Contact If Your Interested In Buying Anything 

 all designs can be commissioned too 

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