The Art Of Having A Nice Photo

Updated: Mar 14

I love taking photos of people, especially with my 50mm prime or 70-200mm zoom lens. get super up close and blurring the hell outta the backdrop. damn its beautiful. whenever i travel i try to take beautiful shots of my friends and family and dog to take home as keepsakes and make into scrapbooks.

however, it's always a shame when it come to my turn that they just don't have the eye to think outside the box. Getting a great shot takes time and thought. you've gotta look past the subject and consider the lighting, the backdrop, the angle, the framings and the focus. Which as a photographer once you've gotten to grips with that is like second nature.

it can be as simple as stepping one foot forward or crouching down. You might possibly have to move 180* so that the light is hitting your subject and the camera at a better angle to stop harsh shadows and super contrasting exposures.

That's why i was super pleased to meet Joseph Kent (@unlimitedbyjk) at a bloggers market I helped run. He liked the sequin boiler suit I had on and asked if he could shoot me outside. So of course I said yes, always here to support other creative, even when I have t be in-front of the camera. So we popped outside and on the spot looked for a nice background to shoot in-front of. Unfortunatley it was a glorious winter day and so the sun was at it's peak ceating all sorts of harsh shadows. The first backdrop we picked was a run bare brick wall, which I thought would be a nice contrast, however in front of it was a staircase that made harsh light and shadows lines between each step creating an image that would be horrible to expose. So we up sticks and put our thinking caps on again and I noticed a beautiful blue brick wall behind one of the shipping containers. Although the floor was super grimy, which we did give a quick foot shuffle clean. but the spot seemed perfect especially since the blue suited my denim boilersuit perfectly. Once we had our spot we began the shoot. It was so nice to see a genuine photographer pulling out all the angles to find the best one. And the end result is beautiful, I'm so so pleased, it's so nice to have professional picture of yourself. Especially when taken in such a chilled environment and when you're looking particularly fly in your best outfit.

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