Sending A Message

When capturing an image, you have to think about the message you want to portray, the story you want to tell, the reaction you want from it. Find your message and look for that which helps you to tell it. Personally for me I like to use my photography to help for a brighter future, by bringing to light environmental issues, and give advice on how everyday people can do a little to help a lot.

Photography is a hugely influential means of communication. As they say a photo can say 1000 words. Once people see it they can then believe it. By creating images for people to see and feel and really understand, helps tremendously in conveying your message. Especially when telling stories from around the world in parts where people don’t see the true story.

I create projects that allure people in with beautiful imagery, but have a hard hitting message hidden within. This for me is more effective as it is a more passive aggressive approach, allowing the audience to take the first step into finding out more. Once I’ve captivated them, I then educate them on the issues and scenarios we as a society or race face.

Photography is my activism, my means of influence, my channel of communication. It is my art form of which I can express myself, my thought and opinions. Tell the story I wish to be heard. Make the change, lead the way to a brighter future.

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