Secret Cinema : Stranger Things

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Oh my days! what a night! the best event ever!

we got to live out our stranger things fantasy. running around starcourt mall at the 4th of July fair. completing missions, interacting with characters and dancing our butts off.

it was incredible the set was so brilliant, an arcade, scoops ahoy, Hawkins news tent. Mayor Kline's tent, the fair ground.

all the characters were spot on too, so jokes. they really did look like the originals. and kept up their acts so well. so much fun interacting with them. and watching them enact scenes. Philip Doyle the exterminator was my absolute favourite.

we causes an uprising and went on a dance protest, my confusion when he said we need to fight back and cause a distraction, he meant a protest i was thinking of a dance off. so we collaborated on the two. hahaha. i had to flirt with Keith to get information out of him which was hilarious. he played the character so so well.

the food was lovely too, since it was a fair they had food tents within the set, and some bars, wasn't sure about the vegan options but we had some rosemary chips and a faux chicken wrap.

after purchasing tickets we were sent an email asking to choose a look and retrieve our profile. since it was 80's themed the options were.

we chose to be new romantics. cause who wouldn't. a genre you never quite get the opportunity to explore. and one i felt i'd probably be if i were young in the 80's.

the outfit

when looking for a costume, there is no need to jump on amazon and order the most generic polyester get up for a months wages.

firstly i just jumped into my wardrobe and pulled out anything i thought looked funky enough. luckily my wardrobe is quite vast, but ask a friend or family member to raid theres.

we went for a more Adam Ant new romantic than a Madonna. a key features of this look were feathers either in your hair or worn in one ear, painted asymmetrical stripes, beauty marks or hearts on the face. cummerbunds or sash belt, poets shirts, blazers, cravats, baggy trousers, boots, layered belts, flowers.

as always i like adding my own twist onto an outfit, making something i would have worn at the time and not just a copy of someone else. i love colour matching, picking a few key colours and making an outfit in that range.

i thought i would layer black and white pieces of clothing. as befitting with the pirate like style. i layered a black boobtube top of my sisters over a plain white tee of mine. i had a teal velvet blazer. this gave me my colour theme. i had a singular feathered earring which has a brown faux pheasant feather and a blue feather on it. i then sweeped my hair to one side, ruffled it up, added some feathers and teal metal beads for a more piratey affect. i added a gold necklace and some grey dr marten boots. for my face i painted some big black flicks and a black heart. i also added some shinny blue lipstick under my eye to match the teal. for my nails i did black on eight and shinny blue on two.

i did buy one item of clothing for this look, however, they weren't new and weren't single use. i purchased a pair of baggy black trousers for £16 in a vintage store in Glasgow when i was visiting. they fit great and were a perfect 80's style. plus i don't have any black trousers so knew i'd get a tonne of wear out of them in the future.

i was very pleased with the final look. and could see myself wearing it any day. will definitely be pulling it out the next chance i get.

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