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It’s always good to know exactly what is in your products and where they’ve come from. When shopping I try to buy local and from independent companies. Not only is my money supporting small businesses but I also know exactly where it’s going. Small companies generally tend to be more ethical, sustainable and less processed. As they aren’t having to cut corners to produce cheap products at high demand 🚜

Since being in Wellington I have come across Fix & Fogg a peanut butter company, where every jar of buttery goodness is handmade in Wellington from start to finish, with Andrea and Roman being hands on throughout the process. Their mission was to leave behind their corporate lives and create something meaningful, sustainable and delicious, and oh god did they, their peanut butter is incredible, so so tasty. Each jar only contains the essentials with no unnecessary or artificial ingredients, their chunky peanut butter is made up of only Argentinian hi-oleic peanuts and Marlborough sea salt, and it is amazing. If your in Wellington definitely go check out their store on 5 Eva Street, its super cute and here you can get all sorts of toast or porridge creations, that are super scrummy, I recommend the Mocha porridge, I had this morning which really kick started my day. You can also drop off your used jars to be refilled or recycled. As a company their ethics are spot on, not only do they pay their staff the living wage, but they believe in giving back and supporting the community that supports them, and do so by donating to a variety of local charities and working with local producers 🥜

Support independent businesses🕺

Chocolate Peanut Butter Nice Cream 🍨

Banana, @coyo_organic Salted Caramel Ice Cream, Cacoa, Coconut Cream an PB topped with Dark Chocolate PB, chocolate, freeze-dried strawberries and @bonnie_goods peanut brownie cookies 🍪

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