Lost Village

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Well well well, where do i start!

What a festival!

Basically it's amazing. You have to go.

One of the best I’ve been too.

A great space, half in the woods half open. Small enough to get around swiftly, yet large enough to house lots and lots of fun times.


i went with my best friend Chloe, and we had such a laugh. we loved it so much, we brought pre release tickets for next year.

Great boho arsty vibes with big canvas marquees and teepees housing an array of activities and music. it wasn't only a music festival with incredible artists like Little Dragon & Maribou State, and many more genres perfect for all festival gooers.

But also an immersive experience with a variety of interesting tents. The institute of curious minds, a tent debunking social stigmas and normalising taboos. A comedy tent with acts like Milton Jones. The Circus Of Astonishment which encompassed a range of very talented folk, playing all sorts of twisted characters, such as the butcher, the twisted insect acrobatic twins, and the doll maker.

I was high impressed with it’s sustainability. With not only black and blue bins. But also an on site can recycling station. And compost bin! Man why are compost bin still a rarity. One of the largest source of waste is food waste, and not only are we wasting food but we are filling plastic bags with it and leaving into in piles. Compost needs soil and air for bacteria to break it down, so it can go back into the earth. Yet composting is not really a thing. So I was very impressed by that. Also there was a zero tolerance to single use plastics from all food trucks, meaning everything was paper or bamboo, and disposed of in the compost bins, woo.

They had an onsite embellishment tent, run by the Mermaid Cave. Providing biodegradable glitter for all festival goers to get glammed up. This was amazing as glitter is a micro plastic, a tiny particle that is usually washed down the drain, leaching into our ocean. However bio plastics are made from eucalyptus and degrade in salt water :)

A vintage pre loved clothing boutique marketplace was a highlight, so may beautiful garments. Most preloved and secondhand keeping clothing in circulation and reducing material waste in landfills. Also stopping the production of new fabrics for festival fast fashion which tend to be a lot of plastic sequins and plastic holographic fabrics and shiny plastic accessories and objects.

Also a lot of the decor was upcycled, one of the stages was called junkyard and had an array of old furniture and things, such as bumper carts, bicycles, lampshade, cars, a lot of trash thats been made into treasure.

Then theres the food, oh my, so much great vegan food, with an array of delicious cuisines. Burgers, Noodles, Sushi Burritos, Waffles, everything you could ever want or need. Unfortunately though they didn’t have much gluten free stuff, however hopefully that will improve for next year.

Best of all were the free workshops. fire writing, flower crown, leather works, dreamcatchers, tee printing, painting, mask making. Just pop in a get crafty. A great way to break up the dancing, and learn a new skill. You never know what'll inspire you.

My personal favourite part of a festival is seeing the outfits. All the crazy whacky creative beautiful clothing.

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