Jessica Atkinson

a vegan artivist!

i met Jess in Tauranga in new Zealand, as we were staying in the same hostel. she was super lovely and kind, so we hit it off straight away. spending our days chatting, making art and scouting out the best vegan food. although we have since been miles apart, our friendship still grows strong and we keep in touch a lot, mostly via instagram, where she posts all her badass vegan art.


jess merged her two loves of art and animal right, by creating incredible drawings of animals, whilst bringing to light the devastating impact humans have on them.

jess's work focuses on animal captivity, farming, cruelty and murder. her illustrations are hard hitting, detailed and hold powerful messages. each accompanied by a explicit quote or phrase that takes a jab at the truth.

she has travelled all over the world, volunteering for many sanctuaries taking a keen interest in shark finning and the trade of dog meat. She has also been at the forefront of many events and protest. She even got Cathay Pacific to stop transporting shark fins from Hong Kong, by starting a petition and protesting at their airport desk.

she created a colouring book for one and all, its really really good, she is also in the making of an ocean version and had previously made one to accompany the dominion film release. Check it out on amazon.

also check out her merch on teemill, threadless and etsy. to pick up some tees and stuff.

an illustration of me by jess

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