How To Thrift

shopping Secondhand is an art, it takes patience, time and a keen eye. over the years i have procured the art and now have some top tips on how you can become and elite charity shopper.

Tip one

go frequently

So many times do I hear 'oh i never find anything in charity shops', yet they proceed to say they hardly go, well that right there is your problem. secondhand items aren't preorderable, you can't find them online and pop in as you please to claim them. they take time and effort to search and uncover. people are constantly drop off item, so the shelves are always changing. going often is the best change you'll have at finding killer pieces.

tip two

don't be picky

sometimes the best charity shops are the stingy looking ones. they have the real Gems and for a absolute bargain. by all means have your favourite stores to frequent, but even just on the occasion pop into those you don't and have a peek. you never know what you'll find.

tip three

go with an open mind

never expect to find an item. have an idea in mind. a colour scheme, a fabric, a pattern maybe. But don't go in looking for something specific as chances are you won't find it. be open to the possibility of finding some new, something quirky, something you hadn't thought of. and try working that into your wardrobe.

tip four

scour every inch

always look around the whole shop, you can find the most random of stuff. things you never knew you needed. from clothings, books, furniture, fabrics, shoes, accessories, jewellery, vinyls, art, etc.. have a good look around to see what jumps out at you.

tip five

try everything on

i have jeans in a size 8 all the way to a 16. sizing isn't really a true thing. so i never bother to look. when secondhand shopping you'll find clothes made from all over the place and from all sorts of eras, so the sizings will never add up. plus the volunteers tend to not know a lot about fashion or sizings so sometimes mark it wrong. and who doesn't like a baggier fit or a cropped top.

i also find that sometime an item you fall in love with on a hanger look hideous on a body and you'll wonder who one earth made this monstrosity as it can't look flattering on anyone, and things you thought were ok look da bomb on you and really accentuate your assets. it's better to try on a see how it fits your shape as you never know what quirky item will make you feel like a queen! (or king)

tip six

think outside the box

consider how you can rework items to suit you better. hemming trousers, painting vases, cropping sweaters, making jewellery, recovering chairs, sewing clothes out of curtains. theirs so much possibility in a thrift shop. try recreating your dream pinterest items for a fraction of the price from bits and bobs you find, it's better for your wallet and the planet, plus it'll be super personal and make you smile at your nifty hard work every-time you see it.

tip seven


having a colour scheme can help when trying to curate a cohesive wardrobe or home. Instead of going back everything with a bunch of random items that don't match and end up as junk in a room, think about the key colours you wear or are featured in a room and keep them in mind whilst shopping, even try pinteresting some ideas so you have a reference to fall back on. this way when you get home you can match them up with things you already own and everything will fall in place.

tip eight

only buy it if you love it

this is the most important one. and my final tip. don't just buy thing for the sake of it, because their cheap or you might use them. leave them for someone who will treasure them and save your pennies for something extra special.

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