Guilt Free Sparkles

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Glitter is just the same as a micro plastic. A tiny bead of plastic that can enter our seas by being washed down the drain after a glistening night out. Once it has polluted the ocean it can then enter the food chain harming sea creatures as well as humans. Taking hundreds of years to decompose.

Don't worry though, you don't need to let go of glitter just yet, theres a solution and it's biodegradable, oh yeah! Now you can still sparkle through those festivals and parties, but with no harm done to the planet. It's even softer on the skin due to it's lack of harsh plastics.

all thanks to Stephen Cotton, a British scientist who helped create this pioneering eco-glitter made from eucalyptus tree extract and aluminium, where the eucalyptus tree extract is metallised with a thin layer of aluminium and coloured to give it its sparkle.

Eucalyptus trees contain Cellulose - the raw ingredient used in Bio Glitter

don't worry though it's not like it will melt off your face at a festival

the way it works is that once the night is over and your face is all fresh and ready for bed, and the glitter is gone tiny little micro-organisms found in places like soil and in the ocean will eat the eco-glitter over a period of months and break it down, till theres nothing left and no trace to leave behind.

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