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I’ve got quite a large collection of tote bags and I’m not sorry at all. They are super handy, especially when travelling, as they roll up to nothing in your bag, but can be used for so many things. As a day bag, or a beach bag, to hold your shopping, to carry your jacket, to put dirty laundry in, to separate your clothing, to hand off your bed with bits and bobs in, to hold your wash stuff in and hang on the back of the shower door, to hide stuff in the fridge so other don’t see your goodies, all sorts of handy uses. They can also be super funky and personal 👜

When shopping I use them to carry my fruit, veg, bread, nuts, seeds, grains, pasta, rice, cereal, oats, and of course vegan treaties I find 🍪

The 5p charge introduced in 2015 helped reduced plastic bag sales by 86%, this was a step in the right direction, but it hasn’t stopped the production of plastic. Instead I believe a canvas bag that is not only 100% degradable, but actually withstands the journey home and back again, would be much more ideal for supermarkets to sell. The higher cost of each bag will also be more shocking to customers and help persuade them to reuse previous bags. Not only does this stop the production of single use plastic but in turn helps to save the planet 🌏

Lucy & Yak wrap their clothing in these cute bags that are perfect for groceries 🍏

Say no to plastic bag!

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