Eco Anxiety

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

it's hard to be someone who cares in a world that doesn't!

the planet is being destroyed by peoples for their own mortal gain. giving no regard to others or the world around them.

how can one person change the world you might think. how can my actions mean anything.

i try so hard everyday to do the right thing, to not eat meat, to avoid plastic, to be kind. yet at every corner there's something or someone to shit on my parade.

can people be so arrogant!

It's hard being the bigger person, it's one of those things that people will never understand.

by 2050 their will be more plastic than fish in the ocean - yet we still produce plastic, people still buy plastic, people still wrongly dispose of plastic.

the ice caps are melting - yet were still burn fossil fuels and are even opening up new mines.

animal agriculture is destroying land - yet we still eat meat and farm animals.

animals are going extinct - yet we still proceed to destroy their homes, shoot them down and pollute their habitats.

conservatives give no shit about us, our welfare or that of this planet and all it's inhabitants - yet we still voted them in

remember that no matter what others do.

don't get hot headed over other peoples inability to change or open their mind.

as long as you know its the right thing to do them thats what really matter.

you do you!

surround yourself with like minded people.

unfollow or unattach yourself from those who bring you down.

start reading happy news to help out-way the bad and put your faith back into humanity

take action and help in your local community or on social media, spreading the message and cleaning up our actions.

Guide people, educate them, show them the way. lead by example.

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