Could You Live Without You Phone

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

One of the most important things in todays society is a mobile phone. A lump of tech that we are glued to. Granted they are super handy.

These days carrying a smart phone is the best thing to have as a traveller as you can book hostels, find great food spots, keep in contact with people, access social media, find great activities or things to do and see, also hours of entertainment through long haul journeys, and don’t forget music, who could live without music.

When planning for a trip to another country, you’ll wanna get your phone ready. For starters make sure your phone is unlocked. When going to Asia last year I made the mistake of not unlocking my phone and was without signal or internet the who time, luckily most places have wifi, but it’s usually very bad and not always free. Having an unlocked phone means that when you arrive in a new country you can buy a local sim card with calls, texts and data. Allowing you to keep in contact with other travellers, check out near by thing to do, and even find your way home if lost.

Hands down one of my favourite apps is MapsMe! It’s so blooming handy. Just download the free app, then open it up and find the country or area you're visiting and download the local map. This means that even when you have no data or signal you can still view the map. Which is super handy when you've wandered a bit too far in who knows which direction and have no idea how to get home. It also shows you hostels, restaurants, and places of interest, making it great to find local things to do / see. You can pin places too to keep track of where you've been or where you'd like to go. Also if you find a great spot you can add it for other travellers to check out.

Good accommodation apps are Hostelworld, Booking . com or AirBnB. On these you can save hostel you like or that people suggest to try out when in that area. You can checkout and compare accommodation in places before you go, also book in advance to secure a good spot. Check for cleanliness, location, facilities, etc and find the right place for you.

Looking for decent veggie spots. Download Happy Cow. Great for finding restaurants, cafes and stores that are completely vegan, vegetarian or have veg-options. Super handy as they are uploaded by other travellers and have reviews and pictures to help you choose the right place for you.

For communication I use Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. As they are online so no fees. You can also video call which is my favourite as I found skype a nuisance. Also Facebook Messenger uses facebook accounts which most people have so super easy to find and stay in contact with people. And WhatsApp uses mobile numbers which again is super handy as you don't need to create a specific account.

Finally the Netflix app is a life saver. Being able to download your favourite movies and series and watch offline is so handy when stuck in an airport or on a long bus journey or at a hostel where the internet doesn't reach your bed.

Their are tones more apps out there, that you'll find you like or dislike, it's all a personal preference really. Just finding what suits you and what you want to get out of your phone. Hope my list helps you out.

I also use a Pela Phone Case. Absolutely love this case. Made from flax a natural alternative to plastic. It’s 100% compostable. My favourite case by far. So smooth, slim and flexible. Has protected my phone from many a drop. Definitely check them out.
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