Eco-Elle is an independent brand,

with the aim to reduce harm to the planet.


We are tackling environmental issues,

by providing information and products

to help people lead a more eco friendly life


Our biggest concern is plastic pollution;

specifically single use plastics,

we pick them up for a moments convenience

then throw them away to live up to 1000 years

on our planet


Plastic is an unnatural material,

which lasts forever and causes copious

amounts of damage during its lifetime.

It is an unnecessary material,

which can be easily replaced

by ecologically friendly options.


We aim to reduce plastic waste by providing biodegradable, sustainable and long lasting alternatives to everyday items.


This planet is our home

we must look after it.

cherish it,

and do no harm



Save the earth ðŸŒ

freegan ðŸ

Sustainable ðŸ„

Biodegradable 🌱

Low Impact â™»ï¸

Cruelty Free ðŸ‡

Eco Friendly 🍃

Plastic Free ðŸ´

Believe In Better 🌻

Bamboo Products

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