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for my first craft stall i created a basic A frame stand

this was great as it wasn't too hard to make

and didn't use a lot of materials

everything i used came from scraps at my dads yard

the wood, screws and paint


this design also worked perfectly to display my products nicely

with no need for rummaging or things getting hidden behind one another

allowing everything to be on display for passers by to have a good look at

it also just folded up nicely to fit in the back of my car

being easily assembled once at my destination


it consisted of two MDF boards

attached with two hinges at the top

and secured by two pieces of string at either side

which held it sturdy and stopped it from sliding out

them i attached some wooden shelves and a peg

by just screwing through the underside into the wood

i intended on creating a painted sign

however was rushed for time so had to print one out last minute

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reworked clothing

for my second craft stall selling clothing

i've upcycled with embroidery

i shall be making a new stall


i will be needing a rail

to display all my items of clothing nice and neatly

allowing people to look through the garments with ease

as a pose to rummage through a pile


i shall also be in need of a table or shelf to display

my business cards

an intro into my brand

& information on the designs

also booklet of my designs for commission purposes

plus my scrap bag & scrunchie bargain buckets


the stall shall need to be easy to assemble

& strip ease of setting up at each market

also light weight and small enough to ship smoothly back and forth to my car


my design is half a wooden bookcase of sorts

to perch two bargain buckets inside

a rail sticking out from one side

and down into a bench

the bench will act as more stability and a seat for me to perch on from time to time

on top of the shelves shall be two pieces of wood sticking up

one shall have a mirror running down it for people to see how they look

the other with all the info on my brand


i have decided to keep both object attached together for stability

as a free standing rail might easily tip

if people are vigorously rummaging

also a tall skinny shelf might do the same

this way they shall hold each other up

and i shall only have one thing to keep an eye on


to keep inline with my values and style

i shall be using reclaimed wood and materials

starting with old scaffold boards for the shelves and bench

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