revamping my sisters room into an office

since my big sis has moved out

we shall be changing the space

and turning it into mine and my mums office

this will be super handing for shopelleclipse

as i shall have a huge wardrobe and massive table

to embroider to my hearts content

this is the second renovation

first being my bedroom build

and i wanted to carry on documenting my work

i still hold my values

and will be aiming to do this as sustainably as possible

i shall be using upcycling objects

reusing scrap materials

and buying quality when needed



a blank canvas

the hardwood floor


the wardrobe

a standing desk


the sofa bed

a peg board

the blind





the end result


check out my youtube channel for videos of each stage

and more on how i physically built the room

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once again the first thing i did was

opened up my pinterest app

and start to create a moodboard

saving all the inspo i saw

i wanted to go for a simple minimalistic feel

white walls, raw wood & lots of plants

somewhere that is a chilled clear space to come and get shit done

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quite a descent sized space

four walls

in a large rectangle shape

a massive wardrobe at one end

a huge window with lots of south facing light

for colours there shall be white walls

light wood furniture

green foliage

with mustard and gold accents

we shall be making a trestles desk

that can interchange from sitting to standing

to help with our back and bums during long days working

since it will still be the guest bedroom

we shall need a sofa bed

this allows us somewhere to relax in between long days working

and also for people, such as my sisters to sleep on when visiting

a large fluffy rug to sooth the feet

quirky thrifted gold features for decor

I shall also be making a smaller gallery wall

to display art and inspiration for working


as you can see i have a long way to go to get my desired result.

challenge accepted

here we go

i started by clearing out the clutter


first step

a blank canvas

a blank canvas is the best way to start

painting it white is always a great choice as it brightens the whole places

and allows for lots of colourful decor

eco friendly paint

is something without harmful odours, chemical, or added solvents

the things to consider are VOC level

(volatile organic compounds)

these relate to the toxic off-gassing from the paint

you want to choose paints with low to no VOC content

also look out for harmful ingredients such as ammonia or formaldehyde

some brands to consider are

earthborn's clay-paint

farrow & ball water-based paint

Eco's organic paints are water based and great for allergy sufferers

the walls are wallpapered

and a miss match of colours

starting off pink from the previous tenants

with a bunch of random swatches my sister added


the hardwood floor

removing the carpet

we pulled up the carpet

sanded the floor

hammered in and nails


ceiling pendant

take off mirrored doors

take off slider

the wardrobe

removing the doors

take off mirrored doors

take off slider

removing the shelves

take off mirrored doors

take off slider

blank canvas

remove wallpaper

fill draft hole


paint white

building the frame

two rails

shelving unit

slide out draws

making new rattan doors

two doors for either side

make wooden frames

front and back

add rattan in between

for panels

use gorilla hot glue or staple

add hinges and magnets and attach

open centre

peg board




a blank canvas

the hardwood floor

the wardrobe

a standing desk


the sofa bed

a peg board


the blind





the end result


check out my youtube channel for videos of each stage

and more on how i physically built the room


secondhand shopping

tkmaxx £5 gold indian hanger

gold port hole £3

gold sun mirror

whicker baskets & pots



since it shall be used as an office

we shall be needing lots of electricity to power

my embroidery machine and mums double computer set up

luckily there is two plug sockets to go around

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