the meaning behind 'elleclipse'

when designing my logo

i went through a lot of different ideas

trying to figure out a way of representing an eclipse

the moon obscuring the sun

whilst also representing myself

and making it unique and personal

after a lot of tug and war

i came up with this

a sunflower with a person in the middle

 the sunflower 


the sunflower came from trying to recreate an eclipse. at first i designed a lot of fire effects as rays, but then i thought that wasn't very original and i wasn't happy with any of the outcomes. Whilst trying to make it more personal I thought how much i love sunflowers and how they are a representation of the sun in their own unique way. so why not use that as a base, and have the head of the flower as a cut moon.

 the form 


what better way to represent being bold enough to block out the sun than by blocking out the sun with yourself. i drew a silhouette figure, that i guess is me, but could be anyone and placed them inside the sunflowers head. this turned out beautifully when all coloured in as one, and having the centre missing.

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copyright of elle atkins 2020

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