the airing cupboard

building a storage unit

our previous house was slightly bigger than this one

and had a loft running the whole length of it

we also all had large double bedroom

so plenty of space and plenty of stuff

we were glad to downsize

and tried our best at decluttering

however we still have a decent amount of stuff

and need a space to put it all

on the landing there is a small cupboard

however it was made a millennium ago

and is very weak and bent in the middle

it also leaves a gigantic wall space

that could be used

there is also a tiny window

which we are going to build around

as it brings in lots of natural light



removing the old

securing the wall

the window

a blank canvas

the plan

plywood structure

the first level

d.i.y. laundry baskets

storage crates

filling it up

the end result


check out my youtube channel for videos of each stage

and more on how i physically built the cupboard

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as always pinterest is my first point of call

so i created a moodboard

saving tonnes of inspiration

plus it gave me tonnes of nifty airing cupboard hacks

i wanted to go with a Scandinavian look

a simple minimalist look

keeping the landing light and airy

using natural materials

light wood, whicker & linen

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colour palette



it currently is filled to the bring with bed sheets, towel and loo roll

and like most places has stuff pilled on top of it

the wall are wallpapered and ery worn

there is also a decorative strip around the centre

which is rather wonky

first step

removing the old

we started by clearing out the cupboard

it currently contains bedding, towels and old photographs

then we removed the old structure

taking the front sliding doors off

and detaching the wood from the walls

a blank canvas

starting a fresh

now the space is cleared

it's painting time

we used the leftovers of a low voc white paint can from dulux

the plan

storage layout

so the tricky part was figuring out what storage we need

i wrote a list of all the things we want to store

and all the things we have no where to put

light and dark laundry baskets

bed linen


toilet rolls

ironing board

drying racks

first aid

travel stuff

camping gear


work uniform

gym & swim

plant care

old photos


board games

the wii


securing the wall

an extra strength

since our house is very old

the inner walls aren't supporting walls

so aren't made of brick, but instead of ply

this makes for a very fragile wall

and not very supportive

and since we have a lot of junk to fill in this

it's gunna need to hold some weight

we decided to add an extra wall in

just a piece of solid wood

placed flat against the wall

used for screwing the shelves into

the first level


the first shelf we stretch horizontally underneath the window

we used l brackets to screw each plank into the wall

then attaching a vertical board direct centre to hold the weight

one side we then split into two again

and created a light and dark washing basket

the other side we made a cross shelving unit

with a board in the middle vertically

and two split horizontally

ironing board

d.i.y swing out board

although i don't iron

cause like who's got time for that

my mother like to wear clean and neat things

what a freak

for this we needed to create a space for an ironing board


removable containers

me and mum have lots of hobbies, passions and stuff

so we needed lots of little places to put everything away neat and tied

but also allow use to easily remove each storage container

to have a good search in and not disturb the unit

drying racks

pull out draws

whilst searching on pinterest

i came across some interesting drying rack ideas

in the end we went with the pull out draw system

in which we made a square frame

attached multiple dowels across it to hang items on

and then some metal draw sliders to either side of the wood and the draw

so it can be easily pulled in and out when needed

filling it up

time to tidy

now that the structure is finished

it's time to reorganise our lives

declutter and fill the shelves

the end result


here it is the before and after of the project

from a broken sliding cupboard

to a hella impressive multi functioning storage unit

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