my self love journey

life is about harmony

living harmoniously with others and the planet

but also with ourselves


feeling comfortable in our own skin

being happy with who we truly are


self love has been a rocky road for me

as for most


with so much pressure from society and media

to look a certain way

act a certain way

live a certain way


it's extremely hard to stand on your own and break from the crowd





spending time alone is good for the soul

wether that be in the comfort of your own home

or living out of a backpack half way across the globe

getting to really know yourself

what you like, what you don't

what you want from life

and what make you truly happy

is essential to your growth


i used to hate spending time alone

i got easily bored and needed constant attention

or so i thought


after living alone for a while and solo travelling

i realised how freeing it was to be alone

and how much fun i could have in my own company

being able to do as i pleased

and learning what brings me joy


it can be as simple as reading a book

something so benign

yet infinitely freeing

getting lost in another world

or educating yourself on something that interests you


perhaps its a bit more extreme like kayaking the ocean

feeling the wind in your hair

the sun on your cheeks

listening to the sounds of the ocean


theres nothing stopping you

no one to tell you no

to get bored and want to turn back

to have a better idea or so they say

no time wasted waiting on them to wake up


but it's not all about learning what you like

but also liking yourself

feeling comfortable in your own skin

and having the confidence to be yourself


solo travelling is a great way to grow your confidence

pushing you out of your comfort zone

and jumping straight in at the deep end

socialising with lots of people from all walks of life
hearing their stories and expanding your own voice

getting the chance to be yourself

and find your people

those people you really connect with and love you for you

it might sound scary but it'll be second nature in no time


make sure not to get yourself down for not being a spitting image

of that influencer you admire on insta

everybody's born different and thats just that

don't pick at what your not

but cherish what you have

be proud of yourself

your skill

your scars


if you want something work hard and go for it

nothing comes for free

spend time on yourself and your passions

and see where life takes you

this is who i am


don't let your quirks be your weaknesses

don't let the things that make you you bring you down

be proud of them and learn to control them

to build you up and live your best life


i was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia when i was 18

before that i struggled through life being a slow processor and hyperactive

however instead of getting the proper help

i was deemed a nuisance


since being diagnosed i read up on what aspects of my life are derived from my dyslexia and ADHD

this way i could figure out my weaknesses and make them my strengths


my ADHD may make it hard for me to slow down, so why slow down


my loudness and passion makes me a great advocate

this helps me to spread the message of sustainability

and to enthusiastically talk about my brand and work​

Things to do when your alone

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