designing spaces

one of my biggest passions is interior design

curating beautiful spaces

for individuals to cherish

that are functional and aesthetic

showcasing peoples personality and quirks


 Finding Your Style 







nothing too over the top

made now



rough finishes



factory inspired

exposed features






carved wood

matching details






full of colour

hippie inspired








collections on display





clean lines

light wood

warm accents


celebrates nature

mid century modern


straight lines

retro vibes

minimal decorative details

rejection of traditional

a classic chair

streamlined wooden furniture

a sun burst mirror







eastern inspired



farmhouse inspired



unfinished wood


modern glam



over the top

rich fabric, colours & patterns

50s hollywood




over scale furniture









nothing you don't need


 having a colour scheme 


the best way to create a cohesive room

wether mixing styles or eras

is to pick a colour scheme and stick to it


choose 3-6 colours

and stay within that range

make sure to vary your tones

as this will help make the space feel natural and not forced


by doing this you are will have a space that flows well

making your eyes move gently across the room

as all items will feel natural in the space

and nothing will stick out for not fitting in

make sure to have a few items of each colour to bring them together

so nothing is standing alone


don't forget your complementary colour

if all your colours are blues then your room will feel cold

make sure to add a splash of colour from opposite the wheel to balance your room

for example in your blue room add some terracotta plant pots

it doesn't have to be exactly opposite pink would work as well

just make sure its the other side of the wheel

in order for it to balance the space


here are some example palettes i've made

including a base colour, some shade of white for walls

a primary colour, a secondary colour

a complementary colour for balance

and two small feature colours for shade of wood, metal, etc.

 to trend or not to trend 


a trend is what's popular at a certain point in time

 a general direction of changes that people follow

in fashion, entertainment, interiors or art

picked up by social media and spread like wildfire


it's a way for people to stay looking fresh and on topic


but however long they last

you can be sure there will always be

a new trend coming along to replace the old


that's why you must be cautious when jumping on the band wagon

as you don't wanna fork out for something you won't like in a year


try dabbling in small items

things that don't cost a bomb

and can be easily switched out




rattan furniture is a huge hit

with urban outfitters going above to produce products

however being an extremely pricey purchase

if you're not willing to break the bank

then why not try and d.i.y. it

i intend on creating my own wardrobe door in the office

at least this way you can save money

and make it personal

but if you outgrow it how about painting it pink

or something to blend in with the surroundings



a 70s trend reignited

who doesn't love a giant cheese plant

a staple for most homes

luckily this one is too good and too natural

that i recon it will glide effortlessly throughout the years

i got mine from forest London


exposed pipes


industrial style is very popular at the moment

with raw factory features

such as exposed pipes being a key trend

used for rails, shelf brackets or wardrobes

I use some for the planet shelf in my bedroom

here Nkuku use them for shelving

being a subtle trend with not flashing contrasting colours

this feature could blend well with a more moody or raw looking room

and move timelessly throughout the trend and long after

gallery wall


gallery walls are very big at the moment

and a key feature for any wall

making a space truly unique and personal

there are sites like Descenio

that help you create your own plan with random artwork

then they print and send it all to your door ready to hang

this is a great way for people who don't make art or know people who do

to have some cool artwork for their wall

however for my bedroom i shall be making a gallery wall

using my own work and a few personal art pieces

this way as the trend dries out it'll still be personal to me

as none of the art is trendy

and therefore won't be as fire in a year or two

Line Art
Line Art

Line Art


line art has become a huge trend

featured across an array of mediums

if you're going to purchase a piece of line art

make sure you truly love it and don't break the bank

having a piece to hang means you can easily take it down

and replace it with the next art trend

or why not give your hand at it

and make a personal piece you can treasure



bare plywood shelving is apart of the industrial trend

leaving the exposed unfinished wood as a feature

I shall be making a plywood airing cupboard

this trend is quite a simple one

and can be a timeless element

however to overcome this in a year or whenever you've outgrown it

you could always give it a lick of white paint

and it would seamlessly blend in with the rest of the room

 secondhand shopping 

when looking for items to fill your home

why spend a fortune on something new

when you can pick up pre loved items for a fraction of the price


older pieces tend to much better made

since they were produced in an time where we cared more about quality

making things locally and by hand

rather than producing them in factories half way around the world

as fast and as cheaply as possible


buying secondhand also means you'll get something truly unique

a piece that no one else will have

something you can cherish in your home for years to come


there are many ways to find things secondhand

visit a charity shop, vintage shop or brick a brack

search online on ebay, gumtree, freecycle or facebook marketplace

why not ask around your family or friends or work

see if anyone has anything they don't need

or you can purchase of them

 do it yourself 

why pay a fortune for something

when you could give it a go


this works especially well with secondhand furniture

well made furniture such as tables

can handle a good sand down

to remove water marks, scuff, scratches or stains

a lick of paint or a varnish

will have them feeling brand new

and much more personal

fitting your space perfectly

and being a great talking point for guests


in my bedroom series i create my own bed from pallets

this allowed me to create the bed of my dreams

fitting exactly in the space and having


theres nothing more satisfying than knowing you did that

the proud chest puffed feeling you get showing it off

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