Upcycle Your Denim

do you have a garment that needs a zhuzh

or wanna purchase something but can't find the right size

maybe you'd like to gift your loved one something special

well then this is the place for you

send me your denim to rework

by embroidering one of my designs onto it

follow my step by step guide below

how it works

 step one 

choose your denim!

wether that be a jacket, some jeans or a bag

figure out what you want to be embroidered

 step two 

make sure to check that your item fits in with my clothing guidelines. as unfortunately i cannot accept everything.

 step three 


choose your design!

head over to my designs list and figure out what you'd like embroidered onto your garment

 step four 

drop me a message

make sure to include:

- a picture of your item

- the name of the design you would like embroidered

- how big you would like it (be aware that my machine will only allow a max area of 10cmx10cm)

- also include your name, address and contact info

make sure you have read the terms and conditions

 step five 


once i have replied with the information and price and all lights are green

you can post your item straight to me

or alternatively drop your garment off to me directly at one of the market stalls i'm attending

 step six 


sit back and relax

your garment will be back in your arms in no time

looking better than ever

the designs

 clothing guidelines 

since this feature is very new

i am currently only accepting denim items

denim jackets, denim dungarees, denim jeans,

denim skirts, denim shirts, denim bags

this is because I know that my machine can handle this fabric

and that they will be of a high standard

my machine also cannot embroider onto hats

if you are unsure take a picture of your item and drop me a message

to make see what I can do


 t's & c's 


it's best to post item to us signed for so you can keep track of your denim


embroidered work on clothing is non refundable


Make sure you have read the clothing guidelines prior

we would not be liable for items going missing - highly unlikely

nor are we liable for items getting damaged


Look forward to hearing from you!

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copyright of elle atkins 2020

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