buy quality

first ask yourself do you really need it?

if so see if you can borrow, rent or find it secondhand

if not then choose to shop sustainably

when spending your money, be wise and put it where your mouth is.

buy quality over quantity, you might spend more on one item,

but it will last longer, fit better and do less harm to the planet.

here is a guide to how i shop sustainably

and some of my favourite brands.

Vintage Denim Dungarees
Pela Case
Dr Martens
Vintage Denim Dungarees
Pela Case
Dr Martens


when buying clothes, take a moment to think about the brands you'll be supporting.

do they use sustainable fabrics? do they source their clothing ethically?

fast fashion has a huge impact of the environment and it's workers

clothing is made super fast and super cheap

cutting corners wherever possible

to keep the prices as low as possible

paying workers below minimum wage and making them put up with horrible conditions

using chemicals on crops and to dye garment, which seeps into the water supply

also the huge amount of waste sent to landfill once that top isn't trendy anymore

take the time to decide what you really need,

first see if you can find it in a thrift shop.

secondhand shopping is a great way to be eco-friendly as you are not supporting brands, not feeding money back into the system that supports slave labour and tacky polyester clothing. instead recycling clothing, and keeping it out of landfill. It is also super cheap, and you can find such quirky and unique clothing that nobody else will own, pieces that you will cherish.

if not choose wisely and pick brands with a great ethos and sustainable values.

brands that pay fair wages, use organic and recycled materials, have compostable packaging. support people and causes, help out young artists. and try to create a brighter future.

my favourite clothing company.

sustainable ethical affordable and fun.

everything you want from a brand.

their clothes are comfy, durable and funky.

made from organic and recycled materials.

and are ethically sourced from india.

they are pioneers in the field of sustainable fashion.


nowadays most food is processed

pumped with refined sugars, saturated fats, msg. gelatine,

a whole heap of crap we don't understand.

cooking from scratch is great way to reduce this

it lets you take control of exactly what goes into your food and into you


also choose quality products

products made from a few natural ingredients

that are sustainably sourced and ethically made

product that don't contain unsustainable palm oil, trans fats,

artificial colourings, sweeteners or flavourings,

or animal products.

also ones that are served in glass jars or cardboard boxes.


go vegan

give yourself, your body, animals and the environments

the respect it deserves.

the best peanut butter in the world.

independent locally produced and delicious.

simply just peanuts and sea salt, no added nasties.

they have a window front in wellington where they sell pb on toast

it's is divine, i popped in almost every week.


when going shopping always make a list

this helps you to shop sensibly and only get what you need

reducing the incisive need to buy tat

make a meal plans for the week

see what you have in the cupboards and work around that

source local produce and eat seasonally

lowering import emissions, pesticide and preservative usage,

it's also much fresher and tastier.

food waste is a huge issue and plastic packaging too

bring tote bags and hessian sacks to package fresh produce in

pick unpackaged fruit and veg, food in cardboard.

to lower unnecessary single use plastics.

find local organic shops, health shops, grocers,

unpackaged shops. refillery's. bakers.

independent food suppliers.

an unpackaged general store.

plastic free independent and vegan.

the best kinda place to buy all your goods.

veg, homemade nut butters, spices, pulses, deodorant, soap bars.

just bring along your jars and fill up.

this one even has a vegan and gluten free cafe.

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