Bucket list



become plant based

build my own home on wheels

move abroad

get a degree in photography

create a funky clothing line

learn to play the harmonica

start a sustainable brand

get a tattoo

purchase a Honda c90

complete an ma

start my own sustainable clothing brand




explore the deep

sail away

jump out of a plane

kayak the sea

swim with sharks

do a total wipe out experience

go to alton towers

become a hobbit

go to the wizarding world

ski down a mountain 

do a bungee jump

go cliff diving

√Attend a music festival

work in a sanctuary




an elephant

a sword fish

an orangutang

a school of dolphins

a wild orca

a turtle

manta rays

a whale

a white rhino


a glacier

the aurora borealis

the great garbage patch

terracotta warriors

the desert




road trip around new Zealand

travel india

visit Cornwall

island hop indonesia

ride around south east asia

explore south america

go to Iceland

interrail europe

visit morocco

do a ski season in canada

go to Norway

visit every country in the uk


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