a blank canvas

the hardwood floor

a ladder desk

building a pallet bed


the blind

diy plant shelf

using what you have

reconfiguring the wardrobe

donating old pieces

natural fibered bedding

all my plants

thrifting secondhand goods

painting a ceiling mural


time to Decorate





my pin collection

supporting independent brands

my gallery wall

the end result


what a view

the transformation


how much!!!

bonus tips


one month on updates


buying quality - ethical & independent brands


check out my youtube channel for videos of each stage

and more on how i physically build the room

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ceiling mural

my very own nights sky

when lying in bed and looking up i realised my ceiling was boring

haha it's just a plain white space and i was vibing it

so i started by scouring pinterest for some ideas

i knew i wanted a sky of sorts

i used to love those glow in the dark stars you would scatter on your ceiling as a kid

and who doesn't wanna sleep under the stars every night

i found the perfect image that i've put bellow by 1canoe2

I started by painting the ceiling blue

I went for a greyish blue rather than a dark blue

as it would be too dark at night and everything would blend into blackness

i also am in love with this grey-blue

its polka dot clay paint by earth born

since i have a picture rail around my room i decided to bring the paint down to that

to make it flow better and have the seam hidden behind the rail

i gave free hand tree painting a go but found it very difficult to perfect

so i then designed my own fern trees to make into templates

however i wasn't sold on them

and thought i'd focus on the sky features and maybe come back to the trees

i wanted to incorporate more shades of blue to give the ceiling depth

and make it feel more like a milky way

i got some homebase sample pots in teal and peacock blue

and decided to sponge in these shades


for the stars i used a homebase sample pot in potters clay

and free handed dots and crosses around the ceiling


giving new life

everything has potential

and old furniture is no exception

try sanding it down and re painting it to suit a new room

change the door knobs - check out my sisters door knob range

reuse old cups or pots for plants and succulents

frames for wall images


i previously mentioned my blind

it fits the style of my room perfectly

however it is 122cm wide whereas my window is only 1m wide

so i had to cut the blind down

i also decided to d.i.y. a frame for it to sit in

so it didn't flap around frantically in the wind

and looked super slick in the space

i used recycled wood i found

and left over paint


in my room there seems to be some kind of box cover.

i guess it's covering a vent.

i want to cover it up, was thinking of maybe painting some text onto it

something funny and inspirational

giving me a bit of empowerment each morning.

i wanted to make some wall storage, could have build shelves,

but instead i decided to attach crates to the walls.

i found some old crates

and some funky brackets to attach them to the wall

my pins

the journey

a variety of pins i've picked up from my travel

little tokens to remember the places i've been




Grey Seal RSPB 



Girl Power - Lucy & Yak

sea shepherd

advocadist - 

fox - 



new zealand

Fix&Fogg peanut butter, wellington

Map of New Zealand 

New Zealand leaf

Smaug - Hobbiton

lion - Woman NZ 2019

Girl Power rose - the nourished eatery, Tauranga



Soldier London


Gesso Mackintosh Collection


Collum Alicante



Mountains - Lost Village

Hawkins High School - Secret Cinema



Ladybird RSPB 




Gesso Mackintosh Collection

support independents

ethical & sustainable brands

brands making it on their own

doing good for the planet

and making a change in the system



Organic Cotton

Recycled Polyester


Hatty Atkins

sam drake

gabby walker



my artsy fartsy wall

jessica jane


sam drake

hello hello hello



rupi kaur pages

up in the clouds

since i live in cromer

a place where you can see the sunrise

& set from the same spot

and my bedroom is north facing

i get sunshine and light all day long

i also get some incredible sunrises

and the most beautiful sunsets

the transformation


the hiccups and the funny moments

also Chloe failing to get off the zip wire


mattress £199

linen bed sheet £85

*ladder desk £75*

Light £55

*blind £16*

Pillow £30

snake plant £18

plug adaptor £13

pipe brackets £13

air plant £10

Pilea £8

gabby £8

styngvi £

cork board £8

stool £3.77

wicker basket £2

lost village necklace £5

*price of object new, however things i didn't pay for as was donated from a friend*

bonus tips

to creating a sustainable space

start composting your food waste

get solar panels or a wind turbine and make your own renewable energy

install a bum gun in the bathroom and recycled your water

your garden

think about the landscaping of your garden

plant flowers for bees

use local plants & plants with a long life span

plant trees and reap their good

plant things that will live in conjunction with one another

make bug and hedgehog hotels to keep wildlife blooming

how about a bird feeder or bath

collect rainwater to use in the garden or to wash your car

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