building my room from scratch

i'm moving back in with my mum

after 3 years of uni

travelling indonesia

living in a holiday let

and finally a year in new Zealand

it's a big step to take

but i love my mum so it's all cool

she finally brought a lovely home in cromer

and i have the 'box' room

you know the tiny room that's meant to be an office

yeah that's going to be my den

i'm super excited to make it my home

and doing it all as sustainable as possible

so let's jump right in


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i straight away opened up my pinterest app

and started to create a moodboard

piling together colours and features i wanted for my room

as you can see i wanted a rustic feel to the place

very simplistic. lots of white, wood & plants

something peaceful and natural looking

a very minimalist style to the place

somewhere i can go, relax and unwind

a little eco haven

making an inspo board is a great way to keep on track

a place to come back to for inspiration and guidance

each time your out and about shopping

keeping in mind colours, textures and style

so you don't over buy or get anything that you don't need

things that wont fit in with the style of the room

but instead only purchase items you will defiantly use

I aim to downsize and minimise my junk

after living out of a backpack for the last year

and moving a lot between homes before that

i know that i don't need a lot to get by

and i want to start this new chapter

with a clear head and a clear space


so a simplistic raw style

with little details

lots of plants

and hints of me

to make the place pop

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colour palette

Wall Colour
Secondary Colour
Metal Features
Light Wood Features
Primary Colour


it's a compact space

four walls in a rectangular shape

with a large window at one end

and a door taking up half the other end

it is 208cm x 287cm

the purpose of this room was to sleep and work

so a bed and desk were key components

i'm going with a rustic industrial vibe

i shall be building a pallet bed that will take up most of the space

then adding light wood and metal features to bring it together

such as a fisherman's light, a metal stool and some pipe brackets

also adding some more natural rustic tones

like a jute runner and lots of foliage

i shall be making a gallery wall

of mine, my friends and people i loves art

to cover the west facing wall

that will bring together all the tones of the room

Room Mock Up


as you can see i have a long way to go to get my desired result

this room is a lot of potential

yes it is horrendously blue

but that was nothing a lick of paint couldn't solve


a tall ceiling and the big window let in tonnes of light

making the space seem much larger than it was

its north facing so i get all day light

plus the most beautiful sunrises & sunsets

the window is double glazed which is great for regulating temperature

keeping the room nice and toasty in the winter and cooler in the summer

there is a carpet already laid

however, i doubt i shall use it as it is not my style

plus its quite stained and gross

i shall be removing the curtain rod and blinds

to replace with a more aesthetic version

all in all its a great blank space to work from so lets begin


first step

a blank canvas

for my first step i wanted to strip the place back

creating a blank canvas for me to work with

so that meant painting it white

when sourcing eco friendly paint you want to find something

without harmful odours, chemical, or added solvents

the things to consider are VOC level

(volatile organic compounds)

these relate to the toxic off-gassing from the paint

you want to choose paints with low to no VOC content

also look out for harmful ingredients such as ammonia or formaldehyde

some brands to consider are

earthborn's clay-paint

farrow & ball water-based paint

Eco's organic water-based paints (which are great for allergy sufferers)

these brand create paint from natural sources like water or clay

instead of chemicals which are much better for you and the environment


the floor

a more natural look

after I had painted

i stripped up the carpet

to see what lied beneath

and found this beautiful wooden flooring


i'm not a big fan of carpet

i find it attracts too much dust and stains so easily

having asthma dust is my worst enemy

so anything i can do to prevent it i shall

i much prefer a wooden anyway and could let this beauty get covered up

i did consider a cork flooring which would have been lovely but pricey

and since i had a free wooden floor anyways i went with that

i also chipped off the paint on the skirting board

it was badly put on and was coming off anyways

i presume the previous tenants had painted wall paint on the wood

and that never ends well

i had to bang in the nails and give it a sand

but after a bit of TLC and a lot of elbow grease

it didn't look half bad

this also made the transition

from white wall to wooden floor much more pleasing to the eye


the desk

a secondhand ladder desk

when deciding what desk to place in my room i wanted something simple

a desk that didn't take up much room, or wasn't heavy and dark

 but minimalistic holding exactly what i need

a flat surface to place my laptop, then a couple of shelves for bits and bobs

after searching through pinterest a little

i came across ladder desks

a simple structure

two pieces of wood slanted against the wall

then a few planks laying flat across them


i was going to make my own out of scrap wood

however my sister had a brand new bamboo one that she gave me

as her new place already had a desk

so waste not want not

i nabbed it

and attached it to the wall with just two screws

and bobs ya uncle


it was originally from the futon company if you are interested


the bed

my very own pallet bed

i've been wanting to build my own palette bed for years

make something that fits exactly in the space

with no give or movement. like tetras

making it on my own and how i want it and with my own two hands

this was going to be fun


i'll be building it high

all the way up to the window to cover up the radiator

and also give lots of room underneath to build some draws

as i am in desperate need for storage

the bed shall be the biggest piece of furniture

as with most bedrooms

so i need to think carefully about it's size

since I'm building this myself i can choose the size of it

i just need to decide wether to be stingy and go for a smaller shape

as to give myself more room to move

or do i upgrade and stretch the width to a more comfortable size

but in turn loose some floor space.

considering mattress sizes

a single mattress is 90x190cm

a three quarter size mattress is 120x190cm

& a double size mattress is 135x190cm

the space i have is 208x287cm

208 being the width and 287 being the length

so the bed shall be 208cm long

an then i think i shall go for a 3/4 size bed as it'll give me that

little bit extra space without taking up the whole room


bird's eye view

window wall at eye level

outside wall at eye level

door wall at eye level

inside wall at eye level

my pallets are 1m x 1.2m

the space is 208cm x 287cm





got the one i like

now to figure out the mattress position

and organise the space around it









bed layout


to stop the draft

Once i had pulled up the carpet

the flooring underneath although beautiful

did have a few gaps in it

which brought in quite a draft

so to combat this i placed down a layer of hardwood

which I found at my dad's yard

and cut to an exact measure to fit perfectly in the space under the bed

around the radiator and pipe

side table


i've been thinking about how to incorporate a side table into my design.

somewhere to attach a plug adaptor and have my phone, alarm, lamp, etc

since the radiator makes the bed stick out from the wall creating gaps either side,

I thought why not add a ledge in between the bed and the wall,

creating a surface for me to place stuff on,

whilst also stopping stuff falling down the side of the bed.

using pieces of scrap pallets and screws i found lying around the house.

I have created a simple lowercase n shaped frame,

i used four pieces of pallet wood as the legs.

since the gap is 18cm and the wood is 9cm wide I have attached two pieces

next to one another with a piece of hardwood and a couple screws.

then I placed a 2cm wide piece of wood down the back to hold them in place

and fill in the gap where the skirting makes the wood not sit flush all the way up the wall.

i then decided i wanted to be able to access underneath the ledges,

so i have attached hinges to top pieces.

first i trimmed the back of the legs down the width of the back piece of wood.

allowing it to sit flush with the top of the legs.

then I attached the top piece of wood to the back piece with a couple hinges.

i made two of these for either side on my bed.

on one side i attached an extra shelf with a hole in the corner.

this will allow me to feed charging wires down

to an extension lead i have fixed to one of the legs of the table.

i also made a smaller version of this to cover the gap in front of the radiator.

for the middle piece i attached two 78cm tall legs with L shaped brackets.

i have left a gap between each top piece, and between the outside two and the wall.

this was to allow them to open up with ease and not get jammed.

luckily i found a beautiful piece of wood at my dads yard

that i used as my top layer to all three tables.

this makes it look super slick

back to the bed

the finishing pallets

now the ledges are fitted it's time to finish the bed

since i was attaching a plug adapter to the side table

i needed to cut a section of the pallet out for the plug to fit in

for this i just drew out a section for the plug to fit in

then used a hacksaw, chisel and hammers

to remove the section

i placed another 4 pallets on top of the base pallets

raising the bed up

and creating extra room underneath

I recruited my mate Chloe to give a hand sanding and prepping the pallets

now the pallets are in place I have placed another sheet of hardwood on top

covering the gaps in the pallets to stop a draft

also creating a smooth and flat surface

since the pallets I got were old and upcycled

I didn't want to ruin the mattress from splinters

final bed layout

after placing the pallets and making the side tables

i found that the pallets where misshapen so didn't fit exactly together

leaving not room for a slide out larder cupboard down the bottom

instead i decided to use the gap between the mattress and wall to create a headboard


since my bed is 208cm long and my mattress is only 190cm

I am going to make a headboard that will fill the gap

i shall be using old scaffolding boards that are not fit for use

and otherwise would be scrapped or used for firewood

as there's an 18cm gap

I am going to slant the boards

creating a much comfier experience

firstly i cut five boards to 120cm

to fit the width of my bed

i laid one board up against the top of the bed

then attached a second standing up

using L shaped brackets inside

and t shaped brackets on the outside

I fixed this to the bottom of the first board

to make a butt against the top of my mattress

stopping it from moving and raising the headboard

i then attached 3 boards side by side by side

with 4 strips of wood laid across them

to secure the boards in place

i screwed one screw into each section of the board

and alternated them as i went along

putting one up one down

this was i create a sturdier board

to attach the two structures together

i sawed out the corner off the standing board

so that the bottom of the top structure

could sit nicely on top

without having a gap



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