I'm elle

a photographer, traveller and creative

i take pictures of things i think are beautiful

I eat plants and hang out with my dog

i listen to Bon Iver and like to climb trees

I wear funky pre loved clothes

make things from scraps

and try to live sustainably

i love to explore new places

meet new faces and eat delicious food

camping under the stars

skiing down mountains

diving under the surface

wandering into the wild

clambering over rocks

and kayaking the sea

with a camera in hand

i shoot landscapes of all kinds

from water to woods, mountains to skies

i photograph people in the streets

and use digital imagery to bring awareness to things in need

i love to work outside

skip diving for treasure

upcycling old items

building furniture from pallets

making storage from scraps

and giving things new life

i wear bold clothes

from all eras and styles

secondhand of course

unless ethically sourced

i frequent festivals

letting loose and go of the past

dressing up covered in glitter

it's my favourite place to dance

my mission is to educate and influence positive change

bringing to light environmental, social and ethical issues

in a passive and welcoming environment

through photography, illustration and embroidery

leading the way to a brighter future

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copyright of elle atkins 2020

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